Blur the Lines

Lines are often looked at as a division amongst the things that we see. Because of our frame of reference and the perspective we are used to; our reality really does seem to be divided into several categories which can all be divided into several more.

When one shifts their perspective somewhat, it easy to see that lines of division (which are really all lines) can be seen as places where things meet; where everything connects.

To illustrate this; picture the horizon. This is (from our view point) a line that divides the earth and the sky. This very same line can be seen as the plane where the ground actually meets the sky. The ground and the atmosphere are actually all part of the planet Earth. They differ only in matter density which is merely the quantity and speed at which the energy that they are made of is moving. This is true of all division amongst matter. If we could see everything as the energy it is made of; the lines dividing them would be blurred tremendously.

At a quantum level, reality would look very different from the lines that we see in our everyday life. Talk about lines being blurred. When a person really looks, they can see how much more alike everything is than different. They can see how the lines can be blurred and how we are all connected.

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