Everyday Is A Good Day

Most of us have heard, "Everyday above ground is good day." Previously, I did not really agree with or see the truth in this saying. After the shift in my perspective, the great depth in the truth resonates with me.

The definition of good I have realized helps to make it even more clear. (See the post Good Is God) Every day is a God day.

The part about being above ground is not even necessary. Everyday is a good day regardless. Even tough situations and hardships actually can be seen as growing pains and are still moving you in a direction to be free of the stress that actually caused them. Every thing that can possibly happen is a step in the right direction. (See Every Little Step and School of Hard Knocks)


*** said...

Some live in conditions that defy this simple truth... how can we see a good day if we live in poverty or pain? How can we break the negative cycle of lack, fear and doubt? How can we have a better, happier life?

Make the change by monitoring and changing bad to good - one thought at a time... and repeat again and again.

This is a simple answer, but not an easy one.

One must have faith in the positive outcome, to be able to persevere.

Blessings -ss

C. Om said...

Without a doubt, SS. It does require faith. Not the faith of a believer in something only explained, but the experience in feeling the unseen. Realizing that nothing can possibly exist or occur without the Source is one way of starting to have this experience.

I have experienced pain and poverty. I am also blessed enough to recognize that everything experienced is a result of my own perspective. This and other realizations have given me the will to persevere and realize that me being here right now is a gift.

Joy and Blessings

B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

I agree.I've actually came to that realization.Better now then never right lol ? :-)

C. Om said...

B3autiful that is awesome! Great to see you again. :-)