The Illusion

Many philosophers have pondered the nature of reality and often questioned if it is real or merely an illusion. Albert Einstein said, "Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one." The ancient teachings in many spiritual scriptures and religions refer to our reality as an illusion as well. Hinduism, to name one, refers to this illusion as 'Maya'.

What is it about the nature of reality that could possibly have philosophers, religions, and science all in agreement? What raises doubt of the authenticity of what we experience our universe to be?

Dreams are an excellent clue to point to the fact that we may experience a reality that is not necessarily real. In the middle of a dream, we are convinced that it is real and we react to everything as if we are physically going through it. In fact, the dream is real. It is just as real as your waking life in the moment you are experiencing it. When you realize that reality is all created in your brain, the source of the stimulus is irrelevant. The end result is exactly the same. Whether you are actually walking down a country road in the physical world or you are dreaming that you are doing so, the electrical activity in your brain is virtually identical. In other words, your brain does not know the difference.

From the scientific point of view, when you examine what the physical world is made of, you will come to realize that it is made of mostly empty space and energy. Matter that was once thought of as solid is actually mostly "not there". What is there is merely vibrating energy. On top of these mind boggling facts, it has also been documented that the act of observing and the intention of the observer actually influence what is being observed. In other words, we shape this vibrating energy.

Spiritual teachings have been speaking of this now scientifically documented information for thousands of years. However, today it is easier than ever to connect the dots. It is easier than ever to inform yourself and see through this illusion that we all live in. It is easier than ever to awaken from this dream.

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Walt said...

One can really see another's perspective on life when issues such as this come up. Most are positive about life based on certain "constants". It takes a total shift in perspective to be positive with nothing being constant.