Home Sweet Home

"Home is where the heart is."

We have all heard this. Appreciating and recognizing the true value of the wisdom in this saying is to have the perspective that allows you to feel at home anywhere you are.

The 'heart' is often used as a synonym for the way a person feels at the core of their being. It goes beyond the calculating mind and refers more to the vibrational level of a person's consciousness. Your heart can be "filled with joy" or you can be "heart broken." You can "give your heart" to someone or you can become "cold hearted". Regardless of what the situation is, your heart determines how you are feeling.

No matter how one feels, or the object of ones feelings, the heart is always 'home'. Once a person realizes that no matter where you go, there you are; they will understand that 'home' is always with you. The only thing that separates the place where you physically live and 'home' is an idea. Most of us have heard the phrase, "Make a house into a home." This saying supports the point exactly. Basically, you are 'home'. 'Home' is composed of your essence.

So how do we make 'home' an enjoyable experience all the time? How do we make it into "Home Sweet Home"? To put it simply, we have to feel it. We have become aware of what we are focused on. We have to account for the state of the heart. Once we can still the mind, let go of ego attachments, and recognize ourselves without the ego identity, what is left is pure and sweet. Home Sweet Home.

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Walt said...

Being the product of a military environment, I constantly moved around. As a child, it made me feel unstable. As an adult, I feel more stable than ever, having realized that all of these places are my home insomuch as I make them that! There's another quote "You can never go home again". This really means that if you leave a place and change internally, it will only be natural that the place will appear different when you return with a new perspective. The place may not have changed at all.