The Benefits of Death

Death really has a bad name. People hate, fear, and despise death. It's just one of those parts of life that isn't too popular. It's pretty obvious why. Death means the end.

So does death have any benefits? Yes. Death is a natural process and exists like everything else; with a purpose. It is actually part of life. It gives meaning to what we call living.

In speaking of death, not only am I referring to a person's time in their body being up; I'm also talking about every single time a person's identity is shattered. In reality this describes all death. Whether a person leaves their body or a person's ego is taken down by a major life change; it is still the end of a self identification; the end of an identity.

To illustrate; if a person loses their job, their spouse, or their arm; they have lost something that they identified with as part of themselves; as part of who they are. They have experienced a death in their ego. This is beneficial when taken with the right perspective. Many times it is a major life situation change that allows people to realize that they are not the story, but that they are what allows the story to be. They are not what has been lost, but the consciousness that observes the loss. Realizing this, the person may understand that if they are the consciousness and not what was lost; then no part of who they truly are was lost.

With every death, the walls of an identity are demolished, and the consciousness which believed the walls to be their home; that believed it was separate from everything else and that the walls defined it; is now able to feel connected to the whole. It's like an ice cube floating in water. All the while the ice cube and the water are one. It is not until the ice cube melts that the ice cube realizes it is completely one with the water.

The idea that death is the end is an illusion. It is a shift in our reality but it is not the end. It is only a transformation. It is a broadening of perspective and a reminder of our true essence.

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bometernally said...

Bravo, bravo. Great article and a great topic. It is true that death is not popular. Mose people definitely don't like to think or talk about.

As far a death being a part of life, it is the undeniable truth! Our body reflects in the most obvious way. In the early years of life, the body is strong and flexible. As life continues in that body there are changes noted as not being as flexible or strong.

In life situations, every day there is a "death". If you are a parent, eventually you role changes and becomes obsolete. Even though there is still that relationship, aspects of it dies.

If we did not have death as a reminder, some of us would just stay frozen as your illustration of the ice cube and never change or merge with the higher consciousness. Anyway I could go on and on. Suffice to say death could be viewed as "one door closing and another one opening." It is definitely a transformation and the question is "are we ready?"

Thanks for a great post!