Self Appreciation

Self appreciation is a major key to happiness. It is a tremendous part of happiness itself. It can truthfully be said that with out appreciation of your self (your true Self), happiness can not be experienced in any situation.

Referring to the 'Self ' in 'Self Appreciation,' I am referring to the ever present Observer (see 'I' of the Beholder, and The Tape Is Always Rolling). This is the part of you that allows all feelings including happiness, to exist. If not for the space that is the Self, nothing that we feel would have a place to exist. Experience would not have a stage to stand on and walk across. If happiness can not be felt here in the Self, no outside source can supply it. You will not be happy in any "great" situation or set of circumstances unless you are happy with in yourself. Likewise, nothing can get you down if you realize you are the source of happiness.

Referring to 'appreciation', I am referring to the act of being aware of and/or raising the value of something. Appreciation was looked at in a previous post (Life: To Appreciate or Depreciate?) When we appreciate the Self, we become aware of just how precious a gift we truly are.

Self appreciation, self love, self praise, and joy of one's self, are all different ways of describing the same kind of feeling. Celebrating and appreciating the life that you are, is being in a high state of acceptance. Appreciating your self literally raises the value of your life. When you look at it; it raises your value because you are life.

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Walt said...

Self apprectiation is one of the last concepts we are taught in modern society. Most who I speak to on this subject are 30 and over, which further drives my point home. Children are taught to appreciate their surroundings. Some are never taught to appreciate the internal, the spiritual. Slowly, we are raising above this type of consciousness.