Find Your Dreams

Realizing that all possible realities exist is a mind boggling experience. It can give you a new perspective on the concepts of visualization and inspiration.

Literally there is nothing that you could possibly imagine that could not exist somewhere some how in the infinite possibilities.
Have you ever thought about the idea that your dreams (be they the dreams you have when sleeping or the dreams that goals and visions are made of) are all windows into an alternate reality? The fact that they are not as continuous in nature as our everyday life does not make them any less real.

"What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can hear, what you can smell, taste and feel then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." -The Matrix

If you follow quantum physics at all or even have a vivid imagination, you may subscribe to the concept of multiple universes all existing simultaneously. These other realities are infinite and different because of the infinite amount of choices that nature may take when unfolding the reality or in the choices that people make. These vary from the most simple to the most complex of choices. In other words, there is a reality that exists now where I never wrote this blog and you are not reading it right now. There is also a reality where you where never born because your parents did not meet. You get the idea. To explore this idea in great detail, I recommend Rob Bryanton's book and blogs "Imagining the Tenth Dimension."

If you do subscribe to the 'multiverse' or the idea that because of the infinite amount of ways reality can unfold, all possibilities exist simultaneously; then you must entertain the notion that there is nothing that you can possibly picture, or imagine that does not exist in one of these infinite realities! Looking at it in these terms, it is as if your imagination, inspiration, intuition, and the like are all ways to tune into what else is out there; what else is possible. This means that even the abstract nature of a sleepers dream can actually exist some where out there.

The fact is that we as observers, in effect, are co-creators of our reality. The very act of observing is collapsing a wave function of possibilities into one particular experience of reality. This is, in a way, moving through the infinite amount of possible realities mentioned earlier. What we think and what actions we take will affect what we observe. We can actually navigate through these infinite possibilities to get to a desired destination. We actually "find our dreams!"

Any time a person accomplishes a goal that was only an idea before it was tangible, they navigated from one reality to another. They moved from the reality where their idea was only a vision to the reality where their vision was materialized. They found their dream. Will you find your dreams?


bometernally said...

Needless to say bravo! Fascinating material. So by me reading this I "collapsed" everything around me to focus or go through a "window" to imbibe what you wrote here. It is a fascinating way that you say "it is as if your imagination, inspiration, intuition, and the like are all ways to tune into what else is out there; what else is possible."

I can really see how when we had an idea and acted on it, the idea transformed into the "physical reality" manifested.

Thank you for the food for contemplation C.Om {:-)

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi C. Om, another excellent post. The last paragraph in particular speaks very specifically to my own ideas about how the Many Worlds Interpretation can show people a way out of negative loops and bad situations - very nicely put!

My blog entry "Your Fifth-Dimensional Self" seems very easily related:

I am posting another link to your blog in my "Interesting Links" section of my blog. Reading through your entries it's clear that you and I agree on a lot. Always nice to see a kindred spirit out there!

Best wishes,

Rob Bryanton

C. Om said...

Thank you bometernally for having an open mind. It leaves so much room to make your dreams come to reality.

C. Om said...

Thank you Rob. I appreciate it very much.

I read the post you mentioned and the relation in concepts is quite clear. :-) I love the insight and inspiration that goes into seeing life in these perspectives. One is definitely more inclined to feel empowered and optimistic with such ideas. Kindred spirits indeed.