This Perspective is Priceless

The word priceless is a funny word. Priceless is defined as "having a value beyond any price; invaluable." Though the price of something is supposed to be a representation of its worth; if something is 'worthless', it is considered to be of little or no value. On the other hand, if something is 'priceless', it is considered to be of immeasurable value. In other words, there is no limit to the value, or the value is limited only by how much you appreciate it. In a way, this makes 'priceless' a word that can only be defined by the person using it.

It can literally mean both 'worthless' and 'infinitely precious', depending on the object being referred to and the perspective of the person using it. A person's life can be regarded as priceless.

The best things in life are free. When you take a good look at what these "best things in life" are, you will notice that they can all really be seen as the same thing. What is it? Perspective. And when you gain the perspective that I'm referring to, you will realize that not only is it free; but it is priceless.

The best thing in life is life. It takes the priceless perspective being constantly referred to here to fully realize this. When looked at through a warped view, life can be seen as worthless. As a result, there are people who commit suicide and people who kill others. When realizing the miracle of consciousness observing through your senses and animating your body, the infinite value of being here right now shines through like a million suns.

This perspective is so priceless, that it can affect every single situation and passing moment in your life. Perspective determines your experience of life. Life is experience. They can not be separated. A person has the ability to shift their perspective at any time. This means a person has the power to determine what their life is at any moment. All that is required is the attention to the moment and your perspective.

For more on perspective and how to fully realize the potential of this priceless perspective, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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