"Good" Is God

Since my shift in perspective, I often find the meanings behind words that are often overlooked. I feel that I can many times get a good idea of exactly how a word came to be coined and the significance behind it. One such word that I continuously observe is the word "good".

As stated in a previous post entitled, "It's All Good Intention - It's All God Intention", it's no coincidence that 'good' is 'God' with an extra 'o'. It can also be looked at as 'God' is 'good' minus an 'o'. However you choose to see it or which ever word was coined first, it makes no difference. The point is the correlation of the two words.

I find it funny (to the point of entertainment almost) how synonymous these two words can be. I have made it an occasional practice to switch the two words in my head whenever I come across them. It really is amazing to see how interchangeable they are. At the same time, it seems only natural that they are.

A few examples:
  • I see the [good/God] in you.
  • [Good/God] morning to you.
  • Share the [good/God] feelings.
You get the point. Try observing this your self. Along with what was stated in the previous post (It's All Good Intention - It's All God Intention), you may gain a new insight on What Is Really Good.

Stay tuned!

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