I Love You

A statement that means the world to some people and means next to nothing to others, "I love you," has become as ambiguous as the word love is by itself. But, as many other things in life, a deeper meaning can be seen in these words if examined with the right perspective.

When a person stops and realizes that the way they see and feel about any and everybody they perceive is actually a reflection of themselves; it can give them a profound understanding of themselves and the way they operate. As stated in the post, Synonymous With Life; you, life, and your experience are indivisible. They are one in the same. This is further illustrated in the clip Holographic Universe, mentioned in a previous post, Keep It Real. It illustrates scientifically what sages and philosophers have been saying for thousands of years. This is the fact that all that is perceived outside exists within.

When you say, "I love you;" you are expressing the love you feel within yourself, even though you feel you are directing the feeling toward somebody else. When you love somebody you are loving yourself. Of course this is true with any interpretation, emotion, feeling, or conclusion you come to about anyone that you perceive. It all exists within you as the beholder. (See Eye of the Beholder).

You can not love another person unless you love yourself. "I love you," is practically a positive affirmation. It naturally feels good to give to yourself through another person. The other is a reflection of you. It is the same as saying, "I love me."

For more on this and other topics, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


*** said...

If we can remember "the other person IS you..." perhaps, we would more joyfully carry another's cross.

This makes 'being selfish' a good thing ;)

C. Om said...

Absolutely. 'Being selfish' is the best thing when we are speaking of the Self with a capital 'S'.

Blessings SS :-)