Clouds and Smoke

Ever look up at the sky and notice how transient and temporary the clouds are? They move around so easily when the wind blows. They change shape and size so quickly and so often, before you know it, you are looking at a totally transformed cloud. They also often breakup and join together making the new and the old indistinguishable. Smoke moves the same way, although usually at a much quicker pace and appears to disappear without a trace.

Knowing the absolute truths that, "Nothing lasts forever," and, "Everything that has a beginning has an ending;" it occurred to me that we are just like a cloud or a puff of smoke, only moving at a slower rate of change. Not the true essence of who we are, but the external identity that we appear to be. Our appearances and life situations are in a state of constant flux. Change is a constant in all of our life experiences, varying only in the speed of the change.

From the standpoint of quantum mechanics' string theory, the vibrations of the strings that create our physical reality is in constant flux. Amazingly, we have more control over how these changes take place than most people realize. This has also been proven through the science of quantum mechanics by way of the observer influencing what is observed, just by the act of paying attention.

Life is truly like a dream and the more awake we can be in this dream, the more control we will have over how it unfolds. We can be lucid dreamers in the dream of life.

Accepting the fact that situations are always temporary can give you tremendous peace of mind for the more difficult periods in life and for the fun times, it can allow you to appreciate them even more. The clouds are constantly rolling by. It's best to enjoy the show


bometernally said...

Love this subject. It definitely resonates with me. Today I was driving and at a stop looked at the clouds. When I looked I realized I need to look at it more often. It's so magical and we miss it when we are not in the moment.

The "Clouds and Smoke" is a great miracle that is front of us every day as you say in your opening paragraph. Great observations of the truth. The change so quickly.

Thanks for this reminder.

C. Om said...

Yes, we must be aware in order to enjoy the show.

Thanks for your insight bometernally.