Why I Started This Blog

I have had a tremendous awakening. It is more of an indescribable experience that is hard to capture in words. The concept of a spiritual awakening has never been foregin to me because of the conscious atmosphere and teachings my parents exposed me to as a child. It is, on the other hand, an entirely different existence when this knowledge goes from just conceptual, to your experience of life.

As a result of this all pervasive paradigm shift, I have a level of clarity to fulfill my purpose and share with all who will listen, the rewards of knowledge of self, adaptability to what is, and the power of your focus. A life free from any kind of stress is worth sharing.

Label me as you wish, but I am not asking you to believe anything that I say. The observations, insights, and revelations I will be speaking about have been my own personal experience even if at times the catalyst for the experience was another person. In the majority of theses posts, it is best to use your own senses, experience, and intuition to determine the validity. In other words, don't take my word for it; use your common sense.

I started this blog to spread the light of conscious consciousness as far and wide as I can right now. My own experience is still expanding, but with what I know right now, I can literally help you to never suffer again.

Much more to come. For now I leave you with an excerpt from my book, "What Is Really Good?"

The conscious awareness varies in degrees; more dominant at times and more subtle at others. I know that I can never return to a state of total unconsciousness where my awareness is not present.

When I'm in a higher degree of awareness, I can feel the utter sacredness of everything. It is a sensation of being aware of your own vision and senses while simultaneously feeling there is a greater force, presence, or power that is seeing through your eyes and operating your body. The result is an experience of heightened perception. The world is viewed with a new wonder and everything seems brand new as if you are truly seeing things for the first time. There is a new appreciation for nature and everything else for that matter. You realize the beauty usually looked over and the simple everyday miracles that are all around; the stunning display of color in flowers, the way a bird soars through the air, a rainbow in the mist.

The greater force or presence that is noticeably behind your perception during a time of a higher degree of awareness feels pure, exalted, divine, regal, joyful, peaceful, holy, and sacred; and yet none of these words fully describes it. You can't help but feel that everything you lay your eyes on has the same feeling and qualities of sacredness as your true self. Even what you can't see, the very atmosphere, the empty space has this feel about it.

Later I thought, "How can anything that the Infinite lays his eyes on be anything but holy, and sacred?"

As time goes on, the consciousness keeps growing. It arises on it's own without the effort of focusing my awareness. It is becoming a permanent part of my perception. Every single day is a gift.
I see things happen that I know I attracted to me just as a result of being in tune.

There is no suffering, sadness, worry, or dread. There is only a range of feelings from contentment to joy to blissfully ecstatic.

I have continuing insights, revelations, inspiration, and the like. I am constantly seeing the truth in different forms and concepts. I realize that all creative processes and innovations come from that universal intelligence; the space before and after actual thought. Our appreciation for all talent, beauty, heroism, generosity; basically all things considered positive; comes from the universal intelligence through us; whether we are conscious of it or not.


Anonymous said...

A very inspiring post and your experiences are so well described. I know only too well how inadequate words can be when we touch these experiences. Nevertheless, words will inspire others to be more active in their natural tendency towards spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you for your inspiring comment you left on my blog.

C. Om said...

It is truly my pleasure Derek. I enjoy talking of the rewards of spiritual awakening and interacting with other's of like mind. I'm sure we will be discussing more in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback.

B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Anyone who can go through obstacles in life and turn their experience into something positive....that's a beautiful thing .I like that you're trying to enlighten people and show them a new way of thinking.As long as you keep writing these blogs I will be following along.

C. Om said...

Thank you Jocelyn. I am glad that you take an interest in life and are open minded enough to explore the possibilites. You will not be disappointed!