Your Worst Enemy/Your Best Friend

Most people have heard the saying, "I am my own worst enemy." Not only is it true; the truth with in it is monumental. Let's explore why.

A person in an adversarial situation with a dualistic or ego mind perspective might consider their opponent their enemy. This goes for any kind of situation where there would be a winner and a loser. For any kind of situation, from a debate, a friendly game, or any kind of competition, to an all out hand-to-hand combat brawl, a life or death struggle, or a full scale war; if the situation can only have a single person or group as the victor, the vanquished would be considered the enemy. Even a person with this perspective might recognize that any mistakes on their part will give an advantage to their opponent. They might agree that if they are evenly matched with their opponent in every aspect they could be their own worst enemy if they slip up and their opponent does not.

A person with a more holistic view will agree that they can be their own worst enemy, though the depth of reasoning is further. A person recognizing the fact that their own perspective can and will sabotage their own efforts if it is in resistance to circumstances, recognizes the potential for their worst enemy to be something that they created themselves.

Looking at life with the attitude of making it your best friend eliminates all enemies. Whether you perceive the enemy to be external or your own self, an attitude of acceptance and adaptation will turn the situation in your favor. Embracing a situation as a reflection of yourself allows you greater power to change it.


Anonymous said...

"embracing a stituation as a reflection of yourself".....these reminders reinforce your blog title adapt2whatis as a key to all locks. (codakiz)

C. Om said...

Absolutely! I appreciate you being as observant as you are codakiz. Hopefully others will recognize the "key to all locks" is well within their grasp because it is within themselves.

Light and Blessings