Only One Total Experience at a Time

Have you ever considered the fact that no matter who you are, you can only have one total experience at a time? This may sound kind of obvious, but it is really an amazing concept.

Even if you were a being that had the consciousness to experience multiple senses of perception and be aware of past, present, and future simultaneously; it would still only add up to one total experience for you.

The picture above is a good illustration of this. Of course, we could not effectively focus on all the screens at the same time; but if we could, it would still only be one total experience. Imagine each screen represents a full array of perception of the displayed area in its own right. In other words, it is a representation of you actually being in that location and being able to see, hear, feel, touch, and taste everything there. It would be a scaled down version of being omnipresent. And yet all of it being experienced by a single being is still only one experience all together.

To understand this concept is to understand why the present moment is so powerful. There can only be one present moment experienced at a time; no matter your perspective. Even if space and time can be transcended and all of eternity is but a moment; it will still be experienced as the present moment.

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bometernally said...

Great post. So true as far as "There can only be one present moment experienced at a time...". Case in point, even as I sit at this computer and turn around to look at something else, my focus on the computer no longer exist. And vice-versa. However, if I was to pull back so to speak, the computer and whatever else I turned to look at would all be viewed as "one total experience". Your picture is a great illustration of your point.