One of a Kind, Like Everybody Else

Isn't it amazing how people are one of a kind? Even identical twins are easily identified by those who are closest to them. A mother will not be convinced if the kids switched places.

Have you ever wondered what it is exactly that makes each and every one of us a "rare child"? Being the only person to ever be you makes you a one of a kind combination; never to be effectively reproduced or copied. Even if you were cloned, and the clone child had all of your physical attributes and instincts; the child would still be an individual. There may still be a major difference in how that clone would develop based on the perspective the child has. Perspective comes from what we think, what we feel, what we know, and what we choose to focus on.

No one else in creation can ever see life through your eyes. No matter how similar in appearance and opinion; there will always be some little detail or other that is not seen the same way. The experience of life will not be identical for any two people. Realizing this fact, it may shift your perspective so that you notice how important your experience is. Your attention is sacred. It is priceless. It is unable to be duplicated, and it is temporary. It never existed previous to your arrival and will never again exist after this combination expires.

It's funny how often we run across a paradox when looking at things from a perspective of greater depth. Though our individual experiences are one of a kind, the fact that this is true for everyone makes the one time individual experience common place. This illustrates how being one of a kind actually makes us more alike than different. We have more in common than whatever differences exist.

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*** said...

Love your words... "One of a kind, like everybody else."

For many, as a youth, did we not want to fit in with the crowd, but be unique within that crowd?

Ironically, we already did fit in and were unique - that is the only way it could be.

The misleading term, self-conscious, is often used to discribe the awkward pre-teen years when we 'did not know' who we 'were'.

As we mature, we may still not know who we are, but at a different level of awareness.

When we awaken, we become truly self-conscious.

This shift was a great surprise!

Might there be yet another layer of consciousness to be revealed, prior to enlightenment?

Hummmm... or can this not be, because there is no model, as such, held within the grand consciousness scheme?

Merely musing... enjoyed this visit!

C. Om said...

I enjoyed the visit as well. Poetic Truth.

In the past I've noticed the way 'self-conscious' is used compared to how it could be used. The difference in meaning is which 'self' we are speaking of. The ego or the Observer.