The Evolution of Consciousness

Do you believe in evolution? People have disagreed for ages about whether or not we were "created by God" or we evolved randomly out of natural selection's "survival of the fittest." Personally, I do not see why it should have to be one or the other since they could both really be responsible for life as we know it right now. Intelligent design seems to me to go hand in hand with natural selection as it was the design of the Creator for survival of the fittest to help shape life.

Whatever you believe; it is almost irrelevant because in our very lifetime, we have been a witness to the evolution of human consciousness. You need not theorize the origins of our species to see evidence of our continuing change and growth from the time that you were born. The tremendous jump in technology and some cultural changes is proof enough. There really is no question as to if evolution is real. It is only how far back one is willing to take it.

We now stand at the threshold of the next major leap in human evolution. The next phase in our evolution is not one of natural selection, but one of individual choice. It is a choice in perspective. It is how we choose to see the world and therefore ourselves.

How is this so? The average human psyche is severely dysfunctional. The mismatch of the very primitive human ego and the very advanced human mind has lead humanity down a path of ever increasing speed, technology, and efficiency and yet we struggle with the same issues of conflict, fear, greed, and disharmony as people thousands of years ago.

I call the ego primitive because we have quite literally outgrown or evolved right past the way it functions. The ego works as an anchor for identity so that the mind knows what to protect. An animal's ego works in the same way. It's purpose is self preservation. In humans, we have a primitive part of us directing a highly advanced part of us. What else makes this ego mind combination so dysfunctional for us humans is that we identify with ideas and concepts as if they are us. People will fight and die for ideas and concepts as if they were defending their very existence.

The ego controlling the thought process of the mind is the source of the dysfunction. Most people can not stop thinking when ever they want. Paradoxically, moving to the next level of consciousness requires less thought. Higher states of awareness exist beyond the realm of thoughts created by your mind. It is when you can be without thought that intuition can exist.

There have been people throughout history who have tried to show us how to snap out of the old and destructive perspective the ego mind presents, but their message was often misinterpreted or used to the benefit of some leaving others in the dark. Never the less, consciousness is in a constant shift toward becoming aware of itself and it seems now more than ever this shift is spreading further, faster, and wider.

To learn more about the evolution of consciousness in detail, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


*** said...

Ironic that the truth of the role of consciousness - though ancient - could not have spread so quickly without technology. The technology that caused us to rise to great heights within the world and then took us to the brink of disaster... now turns it cheek again to play a leading role in our salvation.

Gentle behemoth Truth, the consciousness call lumbered through time...awaiting its time.

Where does divine design play into all of this?

bometernally said...

Great Photo! As soon as I saw it I said WOW! Needless to say your post is dynamic. Always a great perspective to have us look at.

This reminds me of yesterday when I was looking at some pictures of the past, when I was little. Just looking at the body in the "evolution" of this life time! Amazing with the technology of pictures that we can physically look back and see where we were then and where we are now! And of course our consciousness was different then (for some of us) than now.

Of course you hit it on the button about intuition coming through without thought. That is why meditation and being mindful is so great!

Blessings to you.

C. Om said...

Indeed SS. The Truth was always there just waiting for the attention it deserves.

I would say the divine design plays into this irony in the sense that the bigger the disaster or misfortune, the more evident the light of the Truth shines through.

C. Om said...

Yes, bometernally! The evolution with in us as individuals is also extremely evident. It is truly amazing how certain seemingly 'bad' experiences can be our best friends in the form of teachers. I feel I am still evolving every single day. This perspective that I am sharing is continuously getting deeper for me and hopefully others can share it with me.

Blessings. :-)

Walt said...

Separation is usually used or control purposes. For people to have connected evolution and spirituality in the past would have meant for them to realize that they all had a divine right and that all, not some were one with God. Clergy and government would not be able to function as they have even up until this day with ideas going around of everybody being "great" and "holy".