Wonders Never Cease

The way we look at our reality, with out a doubt, determines our life experience. Funny enough, learning certain things that are indeed factual will sometimes seem to constrict our freedom as opposed to expand it. This is true when you learn that there are limits to what you once thought was limitless. A comical illustration of this that comes to mind, is the coyote from the old Warner Brothers roadrunner cartoons. Often he would run clear off a cliff; but he would not fall until he realized that the ground was no longer below him.

Learning of limitations, in reality, does not constrict our freedom but may even stretch its boundaries. Another paradox, it seems. It is perfectly logical though, if you remember that freedom and responsibility are one in the same. When you take heed to the limit, you take responsibility for it. When you are responsible, you can adapt the limit to be of service and not an obstacle for you.

This can be illustrated with today's economy. The whole world is supposedly in a recession right now. I spoke of this in a previous post (see What Is Money? Really.). Of course this boils down to the Federal Reserve and all other world banks and the fractional banking system.

Check out Zeitgeist Addendum for a good understanding of what I am referring to. The tone of the beginning of the film is somewhat grim, but there are plenty of good facts there to jar you out of any ignorance about what money really is. Like my post about money, it does come around to explaining that we are the true power behind money and that we can change everything for the best.

I mention the film also, because it supports my previous point that the limited way our economy is set up can be seen as a good reason to change it. We can adapt what we have learned from this "economic experiment". In other words, if it was not broke, we would never fix it. The way things are going now will force a reevaluation by the masses as to what actually works. Everything does indeed happen for the best.

Wonder will never cease as long as we have the awareness and perspective to appreciate it. Doom and gloom are only one way to look at the process of making room for something more glorious to bloom.

For more great perspective, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


bometernally said...

You are so right on about looking at things through a 'doom and gloom' perspective is only one way. It's the challenge to continually look to SEE from a different angles. And we do have to be AWARE to notice that "wonders never cease" Otherwise, we are still asleep and/or stuck in one view.

C. Om said...

Yes indeed. As said in a previous post, "Every set back is a set up for a comeback."

Thanks for your insight Bometernally.