Whatever happens, there is a constant. There is something that all existence has in common. It might be considered an abstract concept since this constant is not a thing, but the absence of things. Maybe you could call it nothing or no-thing; but it is definitely there.

To realize this underlying 'whatever', is to feel or perceive what is usually not given any attention. It is silence that exists before, during, and after all sound. This silence is what allows sound to exist.

It is the stillness that exists before, during, and after all motion. This stillness is what allows us to perceive motion.

It is the space that exists before, during, and after all matter. If not for this space, matter would have no where to exist.

Whatever has happened, whatever is happening now, and whatever will happen; this constant is always present. It is beyond time. It is truly eternal. It can not be separated from reality. It is the very fabric of everything. It is the essence of all.

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