The School of Hard Knocks a.k.a. Life

Another popular phrase that's been around for a long time: "School of Hard Knocks," is a colorful way of describing life and how rough the experience can be at times.

Though there maybe hard knocks along the road; it is still affectionately referred to as a 'school', because of the precious lessons that these hard knocks bring. As said in, Shatter Proof: "Life is a great teacher and will continue to test you."

There is no greater teacher than actual experience. It is said that one bad mistake will teach you immediately what might have taken years to learn or numerous warnings to avoid. Action speaks louder than words. The action of living life speaks volumes louder than anyone telling you about life. You can only be shown the door. It's up to you to walk through it.

The way that a person views the hard knocks of life determine their entire life experience. If the memory of a hard time is still charged with pain, regret, or any kind of stress; the person still has not accepted it, and carries it around as a result. This stress affects the way they feel about life.

When a person is able to accept and adapt to these hard knocks; it gives the past dramas a whole different meaning. When someone is in resistance to life right now; they are closed to the possibilities of the present moment. When you can be in the present moment; you accept life 'as is' and are in the only moment that can affect future change. Stress about the past is a memory.

For helping a person to see what they are really made of; 'Hard Knocks' is the best school around.

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Derek said...

A profound post here, maybe more profound that it appears on the surface. Obviously we cannot live without conceptualising, but it is experience that is the real teacher here. If we can make a conscious distinction between our experiences and our concepts, then we are open to that small gap in between, the here and now of awareness.

Pieces of Zen

C. Om said...

Absolutely. The "here and now of awareness" is the best way to put a good perspective on the hard knocks.

Appreciate the insight Derek.

bometernally said...

I definitely agree with Derek in his comment on the experience is the real teacher. Sadly when one hears the 'daily news' it is really about the people not who have not learned from their experiences, much less even being aware of it.

As stated in your post it is obvious that these people making the news - ie. killing or hurting someone is from their inablility to "accept and adapt" to their hard knocks in life.

Your post is greatly appreciated.

C. Om said...

Thank you for your insightful comment Bometernally. Life is always a choice of acceptance or resistance to what is.

Walt said...

"A man who grabs a cat by the tale learns a lesson he could not learn any other way"- Mark Twain