Enjoy Your Day

Have you ever noticed that in order to enjoy anything, you have to be in the present moment? Can you remember a time in your life when you truly enjoyed anything that was not going on in the present? Sure it is possible to not enjoy things that you like because your attention was not fully in the moment, but never the other way around. How can you enjoy something you like without giving your attention to it?

To be in a state of joy is a higher form of acceptance. If a person is in resistance to something, a form of stress is experienced as opposed to joy. The easiest way to be in acceptance as opposed to resistance is to be without ego fueled thoughts. Focusing your attention into the present moment and not anticipating the future or regretting the past literally slows down stressful thinking and can help bring about a state of acceptance. Contentment may be experienced. If there is something you really like going on, joy will be experienced. (See "I Can't Wait")

Stay in the moment and enjoy your day!

For more ways on how to become aware of the present moment, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


Symbol said...

What about enjoying memories?

What about enjoying anticipation of joy to come?

C. Om said...

Yes, Symbol. You can absolutely enjoy a memory or enjoy anticipation of the future. I do it myself.

But think about when this is happening. You can only experience anything, in the present moment. You can not remember the past in the past; only right now. You can not look to the future in the future; only right now.

Joy is always a higher sense of acceptance no matter what time the focus is in. But focus of any kind can only take place in the gift that is the present.

Thanks for your insightful questions Symbol.

Symbol said...

Of course you always live in the present. If you'd be living in the future then that would be the present.

That is different, however, from living in the moment.

You're advocating living in the moment. I am not disagreeing (the moment is nice) but I personally rather enjoy anticipation (I'm not much of a memory person, to be honest) and if you are really occupied with anticipation, then you aren't really living in the moment. At least, that's my interpretation.

C. Om said...

I understand your point Symbol. I advocate the present moment because it is a great perspective to really notice your own presence. It is more of a tool or pointer to realize what is overlooked by most people most of the time.

It allows you to realize you are more than your thoughts (be they of the past, present, or future). You are the consciousness that allow those thoughts to exist. The present moment and consciousness go hand in hand.

I appreciate you provoking deeper insight. :-)