The Illusion of Opposites

You've heard that opposites attract. You've probably also heard that like attracts like. So which one is it? It can't be both. Can it? Actually it is both. The reason why is because the concept of opposites is an illusion.

You have probably heard it many times before. You've heard the stories of people who had arguments or even physical altercations when they first met. Funny enough and often enough; these people then end up as close friends. Some people may call this opposites attracting. On the surface it would seem that way.

Why does this happen? These people are very much alike. This is the reason they had an initial conflict and it is the reason why they would become close as friends. (Another paradox.)

Here is an excerpt from What Is Really Good? on the subject:

The DNA for all humans is over 99% identical. It is the negligible difference; the remaining less than 1%; that gives us the infinite differences among us.

It's kind of like the snowflakes of a blizzard. There are countless trillions of them and yet every one of them is different. They are all made of the same stuff; the same composition; and the one piece of content they differ on gives us the same overwhelming ratio of similarities to differences.

Think about how much more similar opposing forces are to each other than different. EX: Police and violent criminals, armies of opposing nations, gang bangers from opposing gangs, social and political activists of opposing sides on an issue, opposing sides in any contest (sports, academics, business, social, intellectual, etc.); basically any and every situation of conflict imaginable. The only difference in these mostly similar and opposing forces is the piece of content they differ on. This piece of content is which side of the whole they are identified with; which polarity of the situation they are aligned with; which relative opposite they would like to oppose. For the most part, besides this factor, the opposing sides are overwhelmingly similar.

The illusion of opposites is simply an extreme in the overall illusion of duality. There can be no object with out a subject. Funny enough; the extreme nature of an opposite, points more to the similarity the two things have.

The nature of duality is that there can be no negative without a positive; there can be no left without a right; there can be no up without a down, etc. Since one can not possibly exist without the other, it stands to reason that they are one in the same.
They are not separate from each other.
They are not a "they". They are an "it".
What is "it"?
"It" is.

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Walt said...

We are really all here to serve as mirrors to each other. If you consider that race has a lot to do with the reflection of light, this points to this even moreso. Separation has to do with control, an egoic concept.