Either Master or Slave

If someone takes a good look at how their mind works; the inner conversations they have with themselves; they might ask themselves some common questions. Who is the master? Who is in charge? Who is in control? It is obvious that we have more than one thought process or way of seeing life. If not, we would never have a doubt, or be conflicted about anything.

So which one of these voices is the one that you feel? This is the one that determines your experience. Even if you do not act on this voice; the fact that you feel and identify with it, colors the way you see life in that situation. The voice that you feel is the master. This perspective has control.

So how do you know if the voice that has control is really you? Being that there is more than one voice; how do you know you are the master, and not just a slave to this voice? It all comes down to the way you feel.

If you've ever felt a way you did not choose to feel; you have been a slave to that emotion. If you have ever been depressed, heart broken, or stressed out in any kind of way; you have been a slave. If you are the slave in this case; who is the master? The ego. (Check 'I' of the Beholder) It is the limited perspective of the ego and the ideas it is identified with that bring all the feelings of stress.

To become the master over the ego is as simple as becoming present. It is a choice that can only be made in the present moment and is a choice that is made constantly. When you are the master; the voices have been quieted. There is no longer an inner debate. There is no stress or unease. There is only peace and joy.

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*** said...

Spot on, as usual.

To become master of our emotions we sometimes have to indulge them... allow them to rise up in expression so we can heal.

So long as we are aware of what is happening from the observer perspective, we can feel, observe, release the emotion (heal).

Emotion, the welcome visitor that shows up to teach us.

As we grow, there are trigger events that will cause emotions to rise up again and again. If we observe each time this happens, eventually we will be healed and be able to live in the peace of the moment you so beautifully describe.

What is important to understand, is that while emotion is present, we can still be in control, so long as 'we' are the observer.



C. Om said...

Absolutlely! I couldn't have said it better.

Thank you for the insight SS.