It's Time to Take Over the World!

In the movies, a common 'bad guy' or 'evil cartel' ambition is world domination. The idea of taking over the world has been incredibly popular as the sought after crowning achievement of the 'bad guys' (the antagonists) in comics, novels, sci fi and kids shows galore.

It's no surprise that there are so many conspiracy theories about real organizations and real people who may very well be part of the network that really is ruling the world. Regardless of how factual these claims are; there are some people who will not change their minds on whether or not they believe any of it. How true is any of it, and how does it affect your life, if you don't believe it? How true is it, and how much does it affect your life, if you do believe it?

You would be surprised how much it actually does affect the way you feel. It is similar to those who believe that everything is predestined verses those who believe that we can exercise free will. The people who believe that we have a choice in the matter, actually do have more of a choice. They take more responsibility for their lives and have more power and freedom as a result. (Responsibility is Power and Freedom)

Though we all exists in this world together, we all see it from our own unique point of view. We are each, actually, the centers of our own worlds. Knowing that life is open to interpretation, and that we determine our life experience, is the beginning of taking over your world. In truth, you are the one and only true ruler of the world. It only seems as if other's can claim this power when you give it to them.

For more on ruling your world, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


Walt said...

Yeah, they keep telling me it's a recession, I keep saying I choose not to participate.

bometernally said...

Yeah I totally agree with Walt. The news that we are in a recession sends out fear. It is up to us to decide for ourselves the truth. This is what Eckhart Tolle talks about in A NEW EARTH...that whatever the collective consciousness is, is what is manifested. So if each of us take over 'our' world the outer events would truly shift.

Thanks for the post.

C. Om said...

Exactly. Swallowing everything your told has the placebo effect. If you believe it, it will affect you.

Thanks Walt. And thanks Bometernally. Your comments are appreciated.

JAEE said...

Recession?I cant speak for others but im going through a Renaissance.:)