Ego Trippin'

Before a person comes to realize what their ego is and how and why it works; it can be difficult to distinguish themselves from it. It is the strange task of trying to see who or what you are beyond who you think you are; beyond your known identity.

For some great illustrations and insight on what the ego is and how it works, check out theses previous posts. They can give you practical examples of your ego in action in your life. Once you are aware of it; it loses a significant amount of power. This is half the battle.

10 great posts on the ego and it's perspective.

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*** said...

"The search which the ego undertakes is therefore bound to be defeated. And since it also teaches that it is your identification, its guidance leads you to a journey which must end in perceived self-defeat. For the ego cannot love, and in its frantic search for love, it is seeking what it is afraid to find. The search is inevitable because the ego is part of your mind, and because of its source, the ego is not wholly split off, or it could not be believed at all. For it is your mind that believes in it and gives existence to it. Yet it is also your mind that has the power to deny the ego's existence, and you will surely do so when you realize exactly what the journey is on which the ego sets you." - A Course In Miracles, 11: 5: 37

C. Om said...

Yes. Quite a paradox the ego serves up. Thanks for the quote SS.