Book Smart vs. "Street" Smart

Have you ever noticed the difference between book smarts and "street" smarts? Which do you hold in higher regard or feel is more important?

Book Smarts can be likened to a formal education or practicing only what you have been told. It is to learn and apply concepts and information that are really only second hand to the student in nature. In other words, none of the knowledge is your true experience. Life has yet to prove any of it to you. It is traditional perspective now seen through your eyes.

Street Smarts can be likened to your own personal perception and experience. It is an almost instinctual and more overly, intuitive knowledge. It comes from experience which has directly affected you. It may stem from a higher sense of perception and being in tune with your reality. It may even be information that you learned from books or other people. The difference would be that the information went beyond a mere concept and became your true life experience.

Check out "Who Told You To Move?"

Don't take my word for it. That would be the 'book smart' thing to do. Put the info to the test. Is it true for you? Gaining the perspective of experience is the 'street smart' way to go.


bometernally said...

Great post. I went to "Who Told You to Move?" and made a comment there.

*** said...

When we have awakened, these two (book smart and street smart) are no longer separate.

I read something from a book and from what I read 'the observer' or "my intuitive self", resonates with only that which serves my soul purpose - the collective higher purpose.

This can make a poor academic student! Although I once was able to read and memorize facts for "learning" - this was my basis for reality. Now, this mechanical process no longer serves me... now the inner me has assumed the larger role.

Enlightenment is ours when comes the day we no longer need to read anything to realize truth - we just are.

C. Om said...

Thank you bometernally.

C. Om said...

SS, we share the same perspective. It amazes me how coming across information presented by others will resonate tremendously and my "intuitive self" will recognize the truth immediately.

In the same vein, I am amazed at the realizations that come to me followed by then seeing others who have had the exact same experience. It goes to show you we all can tune in the the same place. The fact that we are one is clear.

Thanks for the insight.