Dimensions of Reality

When you really stop and look at it; mankind has always been on a quest to define what we are, what our world is, and the relationship we have with our reality. There are certain 'big' questions that people from all walks of life, and from all over the world, have asked themselves for thousands of years. Some of theses common questions include:
  • Why are we here? What's the purpose?
  • What is life? What animates us?
  • What is real? What is absolute?
  • Why are things the way they are?

People have not always taken the same approach in attempting to give life and reality definition. Among some of the main ways that we have approached these and other questions are: philosophy, science, and spirituality.

As a kid, I was always attracted to all three of these routes to explaining reality. It was not until I got a little older that I realized that they are all actually one in the same.

To illustrate and blur the lines of these categories of self perception; I invite you to take a look at the work of Rob Bryanton. He has written a book called, "Imagining the Tenth Dimension", and has a website, and a very informative blog devoted to the subject.

It is truly amazing how quantum physics' String Theory which has developed to the more complete M Theory is actually starting to prove what philosophers and holy men have been saying for ages.

Bryanton's book explains in plain language how to interpret and understand these concepts. He also has an outstanding video that helps to stretch your mind into comprehending the dimensions of reality that have been referred to in quantum physics theories and spirituality. Check it out. Imagining the Tenth Dimension.


Rob Bryanton said...

Hi C. Om, thanks for your kind words. I've placed a link to your blog in my "Interesting Links" section of my Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog, and I look forward to spending more time with your ideas.

I agree - it's very exciting to watch the ways in which physics and philosophy, science and spirituality can be shown to be really describing the same things using different terminologies. I can't wait to see where we go from here.

Warm regards,

Rob Bryanton

C. Om said...

Thanks Rob. I'm still going through your blog entries and your book. Great stuff.