Synonymous With Life

Observing how a lot of words in language can have synonymous meanings behind them can lead us to not get caught up in the specific words themselves, but to see the true meaning that they point to.

Take a good look at the words: me, myself, I, life, experience, perspective, and world. Notice that they can all refer to the true essence of your self and the way you interpret your essence determines how you feel.

Just to illustrate this; see how interchangeable they are in a sentence.
  • ____ really good right now.
  • I'm really good right now.
  • Life is really good right now.
  • My experience is really good right now.
  • My world is really good right now.
  • My perspective is really good right now.
I remember as a kid hearing the saying, "When you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you." It is really only upon the shift in my perspective that I was able to gain true understanding of this saying.

Everything that you perceive out side of your self is really only relevant to you in the way that you internalize and interpret it. If it does not exist with in you, it does not exist in your reality. To illustrate see Eye of the Beholder and Life is Open to Interpretation.

Everything and everyone in the world is a reflection of you. It's all about perspective. To expand on this further, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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