The End IS the Means

People talk about having to do certain things because it "is a means to an end." This kind of perspective puts a moment in the future at a higher level of importance than right now.

Some people spend the majority of their time in the company of the means and a lot less time with the ends. You could say that they literally depreciate the value of their lives by choosing to see the present as a means to an end.

In the 'end', there's only going to be another moment that won't be too different from the moment you are having right now. Your going to have to be in good spirits to enjoy anything regardless of what it is. Whatever is planned to make the 'end' great, does not make it great alone. Good spirits make the 'end' great.

The current moment is not a means to an end but an opportunity to be in high spirits. Once this is realized, the 'end' becomes the means. The journey and the destination may be seen one as in the same.

Stay tuned.


bometernally said...

"The End IS the Means" because there is no in between. There is only NOW! Couldn't resist that response {:-) Great post as usual.

Mike Fish said...

Amazing blog, I'm really enjoying it. Just want to comment that love and oneness are the answer, and once we realise this, will see how end and means get the same thing. YES! that's the point! We're globaly waking up and understanding that we're all are walking the same path.

C. Om said...

Exactly! There is no in between.

Thank you for your insight bometernally.

C. Om said...

I appreciate your comment and your energy Mike! You are absolutely right! The consciousness of love and oneness is spreading like never before. I am enjoying the unfolding present.

I'll be checking out your blog as well.