Just Say YES!

YES! YES! Can you feel the power in the feeling of enthusiastically saying 'yes'? The feeling behind the word can be incredible. It is the feeling of acceptance. Depending on what level or degree of acceptance; the 'yes' feeling may be subtle or intense. It may feel like anywhere between contentment to extreme ecstasy.

The 'yes' feeling is common and we are already used to it. When ever we are having a good time the 'yes' factor is present. As a matter of fact; the feeling of 'yes' actually defines what a good time is. If you are not feeling the 'yes'; you are not having a good time.

This 'yes' is an embracing of the moment. It is a celebration of right now. It is literally the way you choose your relationship with life in the present. If you feel a 'no' to what is right now; you are in resistance to your reality and stressing yourself out. If you feel the 'yes' to what is right now; you are choosing to make the present moment your friend. You are choosing to accept the present as a gift.

'Yes' feels so good; we even party to it. It is sprinkled as a lyric throughout our music. You won't find any kind of music that doesn't have some variation of "yeah" or "yes" ad-libbed through out. In reality most of the time, the music itself is an expression of the feeling of 'yes'.

The nature of 'yes', is the very spirit of adaptation. It is welcoming what is and claiming the power of possibilities in the present moment. As a result, 'yes' means being able to make change.

More on how the 'yes' factor can literally change your life in What Is Really Good?
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bometernally said...

Just love your response to the election results! YES WE CAN! I totally concur with your post. YES is a definite CELEBRATION!

I love the way this post intertwines with the current event of the 2008 presidential election results with the words 'YES', 'ACCEPTANCE','CELEBRATION', 'PARTY'. And at the same time staying on point with your subject and relating to 'WHAT IS REALLY GOOD?'.

Continue to keep us inspired!

C. Om said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm in responding! I actually started the post before the results were tallied.

I am happy about the results, but this post is actually in reference to a section in my book. The fact that President Obama knows many of these principles is no coincedence though. It helped to get him to where he is today.