Everyday Reality Is An Illusion.

The way we have become accustomed to taking in our reality has been proven to be illusory. Albert Einstein said, "Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one."

It has indeed been proven scientifically that our five senses (the door way to perceiving reality) only take in a small fraction of all the information out there. In other words, there is a tremendous amount going on that we are not aware of. On top of this, what we are aware of is colored by our perspective and past experiences. Our very observation and preconceived notions help to create what we see and feel.

To illustrate this; check out how the very act of observing has an effect on what is seen. See how an observer affects reality at a quantum level. This video (the double slit experiment - 5 minutes) does a great job of illustrating and explaining how what may potentially happen is pinned down to a definite when a person actually brings the power of their focus to it. When fully understood; the implications are mind boggling.

To further illustrate the illusory aspect of our reality; it has long since been thought that our universe consists of solid matter. Quantum physicists have determined that protons, neutrons and electrons (the components of atoms which were previously thought to be the smallest building blocks of matter) are actually made of smaller subatomic particles called quarks. Those quarks are made of strings. See the film clip, 'String theory' (2 minutes). These strings are far from what we would call physical.

When reality is broken down in these terms; what appears to be 100% physically real to us is actually made of something almost intangible. It is quite the paradox. Spiritual teachers have stated this for thousands of years. It is only recently being proven scientifically.

For more on how real reality is, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


bometernally said...

Great article! The double slit experiment video is a great way to drive your point home.

C. Om said...

Thank you Bometernally. Our reality is truly amazing and mysterious.

JAEE said...

WOW that is really something else.The more I learn , the more I realize what an awesome trip and opportunity this experience of life is.

C. Om said...

With out a doubt! When you have the right perspective, life is nothing but an awesome gift. Thanks for commenting Jaee.

Walt said...

Thus, the only thing that truly ever holds one back is their thoughts. Life is but a dream!