Love Is Our Nature

What is love? The word love is one of life's great concepts that words can not express. It is interpreted differently by different people. We all have the experience of love though. For some it is an abundance of over flowing sensations. For others there may be a feeling of lack when they relate their experience of love. In either and any case, we as conscious beings have some idea of love.

I have realized that love is our natural state. It is where we came from. It is always there through out our existence. It is where we return. We only deviate from this natural feeling that ranges from contentment to bliss and ecstacy when our egoic mind fills our awareness with content.

This can be illustrated by the way cared for infants are usually very happy and easily amused at the slightest things. This is also illustrated in anyone who is able to stop the mind chatter that is so common among us and just be. The peace that is experienced is not something aquired, but simply uncovered.

Love being our nature may even be illustrated by people who are misguided by the egoic mind. At the root of every single thought and action is a good intention. This good intention is a desire for peace and love (which are really synonymous). You may or may not agree. That is fine. But think about something that you did in the past that you wish you had not or would choose to take back. If you think about your motivation for doing whatever it was, you may find that at the root of whatever self gratification may have been there; there was a desire for some kind of peace. The satisfaction you were trying to achieve is an intention to gain peace and love.

The egoic mind searches for love for its individual identity. The universal mind, free of the ego's control, searches for a way to reveal the love that is always there to everybody. Share the wealth; share the love, is the idea.

This is further explained in depth in the book What Is Really Good?
Can you feel the love? Stay tuned.


Alpha Wolf said...

Hey C.,

Thanks for your post. I like your blog- very philosophical. Mix it with some practical / tactical tidbits and I think you have a hit here.

Out of curiosity, how did you find my blog?



C. Om said...

Thank you AlphaWolf,
I found your blog in a list of people who had The Matrix as a favorite movie. It is one of mine as well.
I will be using real life "practical/tactical" examples to bring points home. I appreciate your insight. Be sure to check back for daily entries.

Alpha Wolf said...

Cool. Thanks. Yes, one of my favorite movies of all time.

If you think about it, most people live in a matrix based on their own choosing.

C. Om said...

Absolutly right! There is a veil over most of our eyes. I feel I am playing my part in help more of us to wake up. Stay tuned to the blog or read my book and you may see what I mean.