Who Are You?

Today I will be asking more questions than giving answers. The point is for you to come to your own conclusions and not take my word for it. You are the best person to answer these questions after all.

Are you the person you see when you look in the mirror? If so, how can it also be you in those pictures from years ago? And would you be a different person after reconstructive surgery?

Are you the constant thought stream that goes through your mind most of the time? If so, who is listening to those thoughts?

Are you your personality? If so, how is it possible for you to change your personality as you age and mature?

Are you your memories? If so, do you become a different person if you get amnesia?

Are you your desires, hopes, and dreams? If so, then are you still you when these things change?

If you feel that you are still you regardless of any changes; you are almost forced to ask yourself, "What is it about me that does not change?"
When you come to a conclusion about that common denominator about you that remains constant from birth until death; you are really starting to uncover the mystery that is your true identity.

With this discovery comes tremendous power and your potential rises exponentially. This is the beginning of an awakening.

If you really want the answers to these questions and more; read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned to yourself and this blog.

Love, Live, Life!!!


Unknown said...

you are the sum of all the whos you met through out your life. Also that who that you are was created by God. The who that you are also changes as long as you live. As you discribe in your profile you are partly you because of who your parnet were to each other and to you. when you were 2you certainly weren't the same as when you were 6. Who are you can never be answered in the present only in the past or after you are gone. The who that is you will change as long as you exsist.

You've been bloging on this site (according to your profile for approximately a year) you said that when you found it it changed your life so if it changed you who were you before you found it? I also saw your favorite movies I also thought it was good maybe we could get the families together again it was fun. we are actually going to do somthing this weekend not too sure if you want to come.

C. Om said...

In reality, who you are never changes. It is only who you think you are that changes from moment to moment and experience to experience.

You can and do take on influences from people in your life. But who chooses what to pick up and what to leave alone?

A person can only answer the question of who they are in the present. Most people do not really know who they are because they are looking to a future or a past to define them. After you are gone; you are simply a memory to everyone trying to describe you. No one else can possbly know you better than you can know yourself. It is up to you to see for yourself.

I started this blog a few weeks ago. It was not the blogging that changed my life. It was an awakening in my consciousness.

As far as the kids getting together; call me.

Thanks for the input Mike. Check out more blog entries and read the book to understand more of what I am speaking of.

Tina Marie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
I like yours too you're very philosophical and a lot of what you say makes sense. Keep up the good work :)