It's A Celebration!!

Life is a celebration. It doesn't feel like it most of the time to most people. If it doesn't feel like it to you; have you ever wondered why?

To give a short and simple answer; people are either in resistance or acceptance of life. To be in resistance is to be stuck in concepts and ideas of what things should be. To be in acceptance is to be in the moment observing and adapting.

To be in full on adapt mode is to be in such a high form of acceptance that everything becomes a celebration. You know that feeling you get when you just won something important? If you just got your way with any major life situation or had some type of financial windfall, there is a feeling of exhilaration that goes beyond total acceptance. Gratitude, excitement, and joy are higher forms of acceptance. These are also the feelings of celebration.

The unfolding of every passing second is a celebration. The way a bird is soaring through the air is a celebration. The way a tree sways in the wind is a celebration. The rhythm of your feet on the ground as you walk is a celebration.

It's a feeling of not being able to lose. It is literally all win. No matter what happens; it's good. It is a feeling of being so in tune with what is, that you always make the right move.

My experience of allowing life to be the celebration that it is, is constantly growing. You could be here too. Check out What Is Really Good? and stay tuned to the blog.
I leave you with a short excerpt from my next book.

Realizing that you are the stillness that allows all movement to exist; all movement becomes poetry in motion.
Realizing that you are the space that allows all form to exist; all form becomes majestic.
Realizing that you are the silence that allows all sound to exist; all sound takes on a new definition.



Walt said...

Man, this stuff is gonna look so simple to some that it's going to seem hard! Then they will think they are geniuses for figuring it out! They will be both right and wrong at the same time. This is how I felt. I felt like I knew everything and nothing. It scared me. Then I knew I was on to something because we usually fear things that are truly new when we are unconscious. Now I have a background feeling of contentment that always blasts through any other feelings I may become aware of.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are the context of all, that space you talk of in this post... creators. It's just that there are times when we forget this. If we are willing though, we can see more of who we really are.

I feel that our power of focus is the key to realising our creative ability, to realise, as Walt talks about, "everything/nothing".

C. Om said...

Yes Walt. The simplicity yet complexity is a paradox. The higher state of consciousness is full of paradoxes. Amazingly, to know everything and nothing at the same time, feels so good; you gotta celebrate it!

Thanks for the insight Walt.

C. Om said...

Absolutely Derek! It is easy to forget when we are not in the habit of remembering.

I have a chapter in my book on the power of focus. It is the key to realizing any and everything. It gives definition to everything!

Thanks for the insightful comment Derek.