Are You Exactly Where You Should Be?

The majority of people in the world today would answer this question with a resounding, "NO." As a result, the majority of people in the world are not totally happy and are no where near their potential.

The feeling of unfulfillment from not being where you think you could, should, or would be; is all the result of what you think! It is the idea of what isn't happening for you right now that is causing all the stress.

If you think you should be making more money or you would rather be living in another place; you are in resistance to what is. If you think that your friend, your spouse, significant other, or your child should be a lot more of the way you think they could be; you are in resistance to what is. If you think you should have a better job, a better house, or a better car; you are in resistance to what is.

When I say resistance to what is; it is not a call for complacence or to settle for less. It is more of a call for you not to be in denial of your reality. Once what is, is accepted and adapted to; it leaves the space for true change to take place. Without acceptance; adaptation is impossible.

True change can only be affected when you acknowledge what is and move with it. Could you walk or drive without acknowledging your terrain? You probably could for a moment. After that, you would have taken a fall, if walking. If driving; you would have caught a bad accident. Being in the moment and acknowledging life in the present is the best and only way to truly adapt to what is.

As a result of not holding on to the heavy baggage of what "should be," you are free to adapt to the present; uncovering the gift that it truly is.

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! If you take this attitude to heart; you will find a new freedom in life that was always there. It was simply covered by the ideas of what "should be."

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! How can you argue with reality? If you believe in a higher power; how can it be wrong? If you do not believe in a higher power; how can your philosophy or perspective be wrong? No matter how you look at life; there is an order to the way things work. If you are not exactly where you are supposed to be; then your perspective of everything else you know is wrong.

Are you exactly where you should be? YES! And now that you realize this; you can really be where you are so that you may affect true change. You do not have to be stuck in the past. You do not have to be anxious about the future. You can be here now. You can enjoy right now. You can make change right now. If not now; then when?

Are you exactly where you should be? Hell yeah!

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B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Yes I agree :-)
If you stop dwelling on what something could have been and focus on the present ,you'll open a gateway of possibilities.Besides I believe everything is for a reason whether negative or positve.So wherever you are in're exactly where you're suppose to be(hmm never thought to look at it like that).This blog was definately insightful for me because I sometimes dwell on the past thanks :-)

C. Om said...

Thank you for your comment B3autifulSoul-N-Mind. You are developing a great attitude for life. I know for sure you will have an ever increasing amount of joy in life as a result.

Walt said...

Yes man! I have a acronym attached to a word that I use often, ryde(pronounced ride, just spelled different). It stands for Revealing Your Divine Essence. I use that word to describe the action of someone really being in the moment, thus doing great work. If you ever hear me say that someone was "ryding" in a certain instance, this is what I mean.

C. Om said...

I really like that one Walt. Appreciate the shared inspiriation. I will RYDE till I die. But then again, death is an illusion.