can space exist without time? yes

can time exist with out space? no.


Ta-Wan said...

go on...

C. Om said...

just a couple of basic questions that help us to see the illusory nature of time.

time is only a measurement of motion. without motion, there is no time. and there can be no motion without space.

Ta-Wan said...

In my thoughts I saw that we formed time along with the first notion of space. Yes, unreal, an idea only, but difficult to separate from space.

You have space as being able to exist alone with no time.

I may call that 'void'. As 'thing' tends to be a companion of 'space' (one being in the other), you have to cast your mind over both and so time has occured. Space with no object, object with no space, both seem impossible. Object and space require time, so space object and time are the fabrication of mind - So matter, space and time are at once mind and very hard to separate.

"Mind is matter, matter is mind, mutually arising" (to quote myself).

I used to enjoy this mind game, I seem to ...ah enough.. yes unreal and how it is labeled is for scientists :D

C. Om said...

I agree. Time and space must both exist for either to be valid. All matter is motion (energy) vibrating at different speeds creating the differences we see around us. Without time, the space could not be filled with anything.

My point for referring to the concept of space with out time is to point to the feeling of that state where we are able to see through the over all illusion.

"Void" is an excellent way to describe space with out time. When we experience this void, we may realize we are nothing and everything simultaneously.

You are exactly right about matter, space, and time being of the mind. When we are able to transcend the mind (even for brief moments) we may experience the fullness of the void.

The relativity of time is a great tool for the mind to try and shift out of being dominant in our consciousness. With out regular thought, there is still awareness and intelligence.

It boggles the mind. :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how much I love this clock image!

C. Om said...

Thanks Anne. I didn't make it but I thought it was perfect when I saw it. :D