When I Die

Death is not always the end of our existence here in this physical plane. Death, however, is always the end of a particular identity.

I have had many deaths during this lifetime. Every time I passed through from one chapter in my life to the next, a part of me died. Every time my consciousness shifted from one mode to another, a part of me died. Every time I lost a particular status, a part of me died. Which part of me? The part of my ego that identified with that particular identity.

These deaths, depending on your perspective, can be either painful or joyful experiences. If we are in full acceptance of them, joy is experienced. If we are in resistance to them, pain is experienced.

Once we realize that death is not the end, but only a transformation, all death can be seen with acceptance. Death is the beginning of a new life. When a particular identity comes to an end, we may lose our identification with it, but we also gain the freedom from restriction of that identification.

In other words, when a person loses the identity of being married, they also gain the freedom of being single. When a person loses the identity of being financially well off, they also gain the freedom of not worrying about losing that wealth. Depending on your perspective, you will always be able to see what you have gained as opposed to what you have lost with a death.

Realizing this, I discovered that every time I die, I get a little more heaven. Being grateful for life situation changes allow us to feel good and get the best out of them.

Realizing that the essence of who I really am is not any of the identities that my ego presents allows me to feel larger than any and all identities. Being in tune with this true essence brings great joy and appreciation for life experience.

With the right eyes, loss can be a friend. When I die, I am free. When I die, I experience heaven.

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Ta-Wan said...

I relate to that :)

bometernally said...

Great post! (:-) One really has to read what is said and not just look at the picture. The picture in itself can look forboding, or can bring up fear. But,in all reality it is a paradox as it is a symbol of a portal opening to another dimension. Or like you said a transformation.

Keep it coming C.Om
Blessings to you.

Mark said...

Great post! In living we must die many deaths to truly know freedom.

Anonymous said...

Very well said and very valuable. Thank you for your experiential knowledge.

C. Om said...

@ Tao
I thought you might. :-)

@ bometernally
Yes, we can learn not to judge images by previous association. We just had the death of the concept of a coffin. :-)

@ Mark
Indeed! Thank you Mark!

@ Anne Partain
I appreciate your interest. Thank you.