All For One And One For All

We are all for one.

Every living being has one main intention behind every thought and action. Not matter the guise or approach, there is always an attempted movement toward a feeling of peace and well being, also known as love.

Most people feel the need to be a part of something "greater than themselves." They join organizations and institutions or consider themselves part of a bigger collective. This is a natural and intuitive instinct since the very consciousness that animates us all is actually the same. We are all energy of the same system. We are all children of the same universe. We are all drops from the same sea of consciousness. Essentially we are one.

One for all.

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Anne Partain said...

Sometimes I think of us like drops of water, you know how they move together if they are close enough.

I too agree that we are all one and at our core we want to connect.

I like what you have to say.
Thanks for being.

C. Om said...

My appreciation Anne! And thank you for connecting with me through shared vision. And thank you for being.

Unknown said...

If every person on earth would realize that there is no us and them and that we all are one… I don’t even dream what life would be like.
Mean while here we are killing each other in the name of God!
How ironic is that?

*** said...

"Most people feel the need to be a part of something "greater than themselves." ... and, while striving to achieve more earthly accomplishments, are yet unaware of what the ultimate 'greater than' destination, is. The force that drives this instinct is the same for both the striver and the seeker. The distinction is dictated by our level of our knowing... our different places on this journey. -ss

C. Om said...

@ Buddha
Irony is like the universal sense of humor. Paradoxes and contradictions get very common when discussing topics of great depth. Even the statement, "We are one," is a paradox. :-)

C. Om said...

@ SS
Absolutely. Though we may be on different paths and have different levels of understanding, all paths lead to the same source.