Enjoy the Game & Play Your Position

As with many things in life, the middle ground is the most beneficial place to be. When extremes are avoided, we get to experience the "best of both worlds". This is a delicate balance that leads to a higher state of awareness or consciousness and can be seen as paradoxical or abstract in nature.

To illustrate this, look at how we can view life as a game. As a spectator with no particular bias or association with either side, you can enjoy the game regardless of what happens. Once you take a position, what determines a win and a loss comes right along with that position. With a position of any kind, perspective is automatically determined.

The same is true for playing a financial market. As a market trader, once you choose a position on the market, the trend could go with you or against you. You could earn money when your position appreciates in value, or you could lose money when it depreciates. If you are just watching the market with no open position, nothing that happens can affect you negatively or positively.

People who have achieved overall peace and happiness, or any high level of success in a specific field will tell you that a balance between being the objective Observer and the subject being observed, is required. In other words, be a spectator and the player at the same time. Watch yourself play. Maintain a certain level of being detached and it is easier to adapt and be in tune with everything. As a result, being detached allows you to be a better player.

Transcending the limits of 'good' and 'bad' or 'win' and 'lose' give new freedom to the player. "Got to be in it to win it," is not necessarily true. It ceases to be true when "being in it" stops you from enjoying the game. How can you win when the experience feels like a loss? How can you lose when the experience feels like a win? In the moment this concept is realized(experienced), it's all good, and it's all win.

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Anne Partain said...

I like what you have to say, it makes sense to me that I get to be me at the same time I am part of the Whole. Both/and so to speak.

C. Om said...

Exactly Anne! The best of both worlds. We are us for a reason.

Mike Fish said...

I love this game!