The Peace Loving Warrior

A warrior of love? A warrior of peace? The concept at first, seems like a contradiction. How could a person who wages war be peace loving? Once you take a look at the answer, you may realize the question is more appropriate as, "How could a person who wages war not be peace loving?"

Peace and love are the only things powerful enough to fuel the intentions of a warrior. A warrior does not do battle for the sake of simply battling. The 'good intention' behind the fight is to experience peace.

If the experience of war is all a warrior desires, that particular warrior must still admit to finding a feeling of peace in the heat of battle. He may not call it 'peace' by name, but it is a feeling described much the same.

Warriors have often been looked upon with great respect as noble and majestic. Perhaps it is their spirit of acceptance and the embracing of tough situations that have given the concept of a warrior this stature. A warrior is a master at adapting to a difficult situation and therefore must be a master of being in the current moment.

In this regard, we can learn from the persistent and yet accepting nature of a great warrior. We can learn to be in the present moment and continue to stay vigilant when it comes to observing our own mind state. We can learn to win moment by moment our consciousness, focus, and experience. We can become masters of our universes.

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