Change The World

You are the world. In terms of what the world is to us, it all depends on how we see it. This being the case, our entire world exists only in our perception. It is all nothing more than the information we receive from the outside world and how we interpret that information. For all intensive purposes, we could say that the entire world that we know exists only within our consciousness.

To illustrate,you may see a tree get struck by lightning and fall to the ground. If you did not see this occurrence, and you did not have any other knowledge of it, this would not be a part of your world. If you saw it and felt bad for the tree, this feeling is also part of your world. If you saw it and realized the bigger picture, you may not have felt bad at all since you know more life will come as the result of this fallen tree. This perspective is also part of your world.

To change the world, all we have to do is change the perspective of what we are perceiving. We can do this at will once we realize this.

You can change yourself. You change yourself, you can change the world. Even at the very least, you can change how you feel about the world. This is still changing the world since the world is only seen from your point of view.

Gandhi said, "Be the change that you want to see in the world." This advice is full of not only a motivational quality, but also one of bringing peace to your own state of mind. It may be likened to the Serenity Prayer, "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."


Anonymous said...

To a degree, perception is shaped by experience. And yet, perception is also viewed as a human invention that distracts focus from interconectedness to everything and everyone. From this perspective, perception is problematic. You could also take the view problems do not exist and shift mindset to be more solutions-oriented.

Anonymous said...

C.Om, fabulous post. Well said. Thanks for your words.

bometernally said...

"You are the world" says it all. You are your perception. Whatever we see or perceive is how our world is. If we did not exist (at least in these individual bodies) there would be no world for us to perceive (individually).

Thanks for a great post as usual and the reminders you give us.

Blessings to you C.Om

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these words. They carry great power. When we learn that we can change our perception and we choose to do so; we find that we have the power to do anything. I see it as moving up the mountain, with every step comes a new vista, and everything changes, and then I am ready for another step. It becomes my purpose...because I love the joy of opening to more and more of Me.(Me includes all)

Thanks my friend, great post!

Mark said...

I fully agree! It is a matter of perspective, we have the ability to choose where we see the world from and therefore we have the ability to choose peace and love. Very well done!

Mike Fish said...

Great post C.Om! It´s the time to start feeling our oneness, to wake up to a broader conscience. We should all spread this truth, act in consequence and the world will be a better place. That´s the real path to reactivate human evolution

C. Om said...

@ Liara Covert
Perception is however we see and feel things. It is possible to perceive the interconnectedness to everything as well. Thank you Liara.

@ molly
My appreciation.

@ bometernally
Exactly! Thank you.

@ Anne Paratin
Opening up to ourselves more and more and enjoying it really seems to be what life is about.:-)

@ Mark
Thank you!

@ Mike Fish
I like the way you think.