Take A Good Look

What are you? What animates you? What is consciousness? Have you really taken a good look at the amazing phenomenon that is your life force? It isn't really something you can see, so maybe 'look' isn't the perfect word to describe giving this force attention. There aren't really too many other words to describe observing your consciousness though. It is 'looking;' only not so much with your eyes.

It is more of a shifting of your focus to the very feeling of your awareness. It is to be in the presence of your own presence. It is to acknowledge, with your attention, the very act of acknowledgment.

If you have never noticed your own life force or bothered to give it much attention, there are several ways to give it a try. One of the easiest ways is to focus on the silence that is always there around you. This silence exists before, during, and after every sound you hear. It is even part of loud noise and music. To bring your attention to this silence is to feel your very perception and awareness of sound.

It also works just as well to bring your attention to the space that frames everything around you. It may at first seem as if all the things that surround you frame the space that sits within it, but it is always the space that allows all objects to exist within it. To be able to notice and feel this space is to feel your very perception and awareness of matter.

Maybe even more effective, bringing your attention to the fact that you are breathing may help you to be more aware of your life force. When focused on your breath, your attention is in direct contact with your life force.

There are many other ways to focus your mind on the essence of your life force, but they all have the same results when done effectively. They all slow or still the constantly thinking mind. They allow you to look out at the world and in on yourself at the same time. They allow you to feel the very alertness and awareness that is your consciousness.

The benefit is a reduction or elimination of stress since the large majority of stress is created by the constant thought stream of the mind. You will become more relaxed and detached from anything that might have gotten you bent out of shape before. You will start to feel the underlying peace that is always with you. You may also come to realize many other benefits as well.

To get more in depth on this and related topics, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!

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*** said...

Excellent... I'd like to add conscious awareness of the flow of energy through your body. It eases stress, balances chakras all of which contributes to healing and better overall health. Nothing is more grounding than to be focused on life pulsing through the body.

This is easy for me to remember to do, because at my age, I have plenty of aches to attend to ;-)

C. Om said...

Right you are! Thank you for the insight SS.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi..came by this blog and loved it...Do drop by mine sometime too.