Life Is Good

Life can be the most joyous experience imaginable. Not a particular or specific experience a life situation may bring, but simply experiencing the fact that you are alive.

Feeling the very life energy that is the true essence of your being can only be described as a good feeling. It is no coincidence that the word 'good' is God with an extra 'o'. Essentially we do not have a life or live a life; we are life. In other words, the true essence of who we are is the Source of all. We are of the same substance as the Creator.

Realizing this, it seems only natural that when we are able to still the movement of our minds and bring our focus to simply feeling life, it feels so good.

Most people will acknowledge the fact that life is good only when things are going according to their desires. When a person can acknowledge the underlying goodness in life when things are not going as planned, they have learned to transcend the judgment the ego mind applies. At this point, peace or even happiness can actually be felt in any given circumstance.

For me personally, it is becoming common place to transform any and all energy or emotion experienced into "waves of goodness." It is an experience that mirrors the saying, "Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining." It allows me to be thankful for even the "bad" experiences. After all, you must LIVE through them to experience them. And life is always good.

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Unknown said...

Life is better than good!
Life rocks!!!
It is the best damn experience one could have.
What in the universe can be better than that?
Can you tell?

C. Om said...

Without a doubt! Beyond imagination!

Gareth said...

If there was no such thing as the 'dark cloud', would we still appreciate the 'silver lining'?

I'm sure everything plays its part.

C. Om said...

Dharma Bum, I gotta agree. Everything plays its part and it's always good.