Your Perspective Is Your Creation

Sometimes things are so simple and obvious to us, it seems that to even mention them is kind of redundant. These are often the things we need to be reminded of the most.

One of those simple concepts is our perspective of life. Of course, we all know our perspective is our own personal point of view. But we often forget that we create our own point of view.

Remembering that we are the sole creators of the way we see our lives is very powerful and will affect every single aspect of our lives. But it only works when we remember it.

Being a wealthy person who has chronic memory loss is the equivalent of the human condition when we lose track of our perspective. We have everything we need to improve the quality of life we are living, but if we forget we have it, it is as good as not having it.


Unknown said...

We all know the theory - it is written in the Bible, the Koran, the Sutras the Torah but some where from the theory to the practice we get distracted by greed and hate and ignorance.
What can you do?

C. Om said...

All we can do is remember to remember. Staying conscious is a continuous choice we make from moment to moment. Like you said, it was written. We must turn the knowledge into life experience a.k.a. wisdom.

Anne Partain said...

Remembering we are the sole creators of our life, I like it.
So if the answer is I am the creator, the question must be, What do I want to create?

Just a thought.

C. Om said...

A very relevant and profound thought, at that. This is a large part of the whole reason why people often are not getting what they really want. They have not really clarified what exactly it is they would like to create. Thank you Anne, for the food for thought.

Walt said...

Often we become a victim of our perspective. Somehow, we've been convinced that someone else gave us our perspective, so it cannot be changed. I think we take genetics as the end-all-be-all when it is just a startup program.