The Art of Embracing

Hugs are great. There might not be a person around who would not enjoy a big strong hug from a loved one, close friend, or even a stranger in certain situations.

Embracing someone is a physical manifestation of our intuitive desire to be one with the love with in them. It is as if the part of you and the part of them that is the same, is trying physically to merge back together. To give a good hug feels exactly as good as it does to get a good hug.

We can use this same concept as a tool to make tremendous changes in our lives. I have learned from my own personal experience what it means to embrace an idea, concept, or situation that I would have previously found incredibly hard to deal with, and gain power from it.

A very small example of this: Joe has always hated rainy days. He would always be very moody and short tempered when it rained. This bad attitude would affect his whole day and those who he was around negatively. One day he realizes this, and decides to embrace the wet weather. At first he just told himself that the rain wasn't so bad. After a while he started to believe it. Soon after that he found a healing calm and peace in the sound of raindrops and enjoyed the smell of dampness in the air. Joe then began to love rainy days!

Embracing something is one of the most powerful things a person can do to change their experience of that thing. We can literally take power from what we previously viewed as negative. We can have sunshine on a rainy day. This is the power of acceptance and adaptation.

Embracing something actually takes adapting to a higher level. Like a hug, you willfully become one with what you embrace. In reality you are already one with it, but it is the resistance to it that causes pain and stress. Without the resistance and perceived division, peace and even joy is experienced.

Moving away from the perspective of your personality (i.e. ego identity) and seeing from the vantage point of the totally objective Observer within, it gets so much easier to embrace what is. Embracing is an art, and very beneficial. If you haven't already, give it a try.

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bometernally said...

Love this post. It reminds me of how much I love to hug. Its great how you brought out into embracing ideas, feelings and situations.

In relation to yoga postures [like your example of Joe], one might like doing a certain posture. Maybe like the headstand. It can bring up fear in the beginning of the practice. But once it is embraced as a practice, it actually brings joy and rejuvenation!

Teach on C.Om!

Mark said...

Excellent! Yes, when we embrace the world our life changes, we open up and accept and are open to receiving so many gifts that the Universe has for us. Adapting is key!

Anonymous said...

I like your picture, it kind of says it all. We can't be at peace until we find a way to let it all be, without judgment.

Well said! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To embrace what is is to move toward unconditional self-acceptance. Human beings resist embracing everything about themselves. They also tend to criticize and judge others who mirror parts of the inner self they reject. To move to embrace the present is to begin to shed destructive thinking and false conditioning that you are anything other than what you are. As you imply, it is crucial to be willing to adjust and expand a sense of love. After all, it is you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Not always so easy to practice, but essential if we are to evolve. Thanks for sharing this. I am off to hug my husband :)

Unknown said...

Embracing starts with opening up your arms, or/and mind!
I am a big hugger; it drives my kids nuts :)

C. Om said...

@ bometernally
You got it! And thank you!

@ Mark
Yes sir! Adapt to what is and happiness is the result.

@ Anne Partain
I appreciate it Anne. :-)

@ Liara Covert
We are on the same page!

@ molly
Not always easy, but like anything, it gets easier with practice. Enjoy your hugs. :-)

@ Buddha
Exactly! Love to hug myself. :-)