Perish The Thought

Just the thought of something can affect you. You know this without me ever mentioning it. When you really give that fact the attention it deserves on a regular basis, it is amazing what you start to realize.

Keeping a watch on what you think about and on your awareness in general can actually keep you healthier. Not only can disease in the body have psychosomatic causes, your very own experience of mood, and general well being, are always under the influence of what you are focused on.

You can have the placebo effect on your entire being by constantly bringing your focus back to a 'center of stillness' and observing everything in the moment. It is in this kind of state that it becomes much easier to 'perish any thoughts'.

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Anne Partain said...

I like this idea of focus. I think it is true that we are an idea that we kept thinking until we became it. If we change our focus just a little, we become different.


C. Om said...

Absolutely Anne! I love "we are an idea that we kept thinking until we became it." A simpler and more profound way to say we create our own reality.