Absolute Relativity

Some people believe that in life, there are no absolute truths and that everything is relative. Some people believe that life is governed by certain absolutes that can never be otherwise. Though it seems like a paradox, in reality, we can see that both are true in a sense.

Bring both concepts together we get 'absolute relativity' or 'relative absoluteness'. If we over think it, we can get caught up in the semantics of them and try to derive different definitions. But both point to the fact that one can not exist with out the other. And both abstractly describe a place of oneness.

In life there are always variables and constants.
variables = relative
constants = absolute
What maybe a constant in your life might be a variable in mine. This creates our relative points of view. What is an absolute truth to you is a relative truth to me. And we absolutely see things relatively.

Realizing that the very concept of absoluteness is bound to have an opposite in relativity, we can see that both are illusions. They are really describing a point of view from different perspectives. Without one, the other has no meaning. It does not exist. The two concepts are indivisible. If something is indivisible than it is one.
all variables = a constant
all relativity = an absolute

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Anne Partain said...

Same thing again--said in a different way?

So constants vary depending upon the perception, which we all have differently......
I have my constants, you have your constants.

And variables, our differences are constant, what makes us the same is that we are all different.

We each constantly have our own view and each of those views varies.

Did I hear you correctly?

C. Om said...

I think you summed it up pretty well. :-)

We one of a kind, just like everyone else. (another paradox)

brad4d said...

I believe in that education from relativity as the serenity to accept what can't be changed, but the "courage to change what I can" means responsibility experiences from PAYING (RESPECT) attention to know the difference by some important point you share, thanks