What Is Money? Really.

With the "financial crises" being what it is right now, it makes sense to take a good look at the cause of it all. Have you ever wondered, who are these people who set our interest rates? Who distributes our cash? How can we be in a recession if we are doing what we have always been doing? How can our money be worth less if we did the same thing to earn it that we did two or three years ago?

We can get to the bottom of all these questions with one much, more simple, and often overlooked question. What is money? Really, what is it? And how does it make the world go round?

Well, we have already talked about having enough for now. What we are really going to uncover is more the concept of money and what gives it it's power. What is the true energy behind money?

If you use your own perception and prior experience; you know that money is a tool we use to show our appreciation for anything that can be bought. As simple as it sounds; the power behind all money really is appreciation. If you do not appreciate a good or service in your life; you will not buy it.

So, either we started appreciating the same food, shelter, clothing, fuel, and everything else, a lot more; or the values have been tampered with. You do the math.

For a much clearer picture of what money really is and plenty of actual facts for you to digest about money, watch Money Masters. You can watch it right now without a download.

All this is being said, to bring to the light, the true source of power behind money. There is power with those who can manipulate the whole money game by changing values. But this is power that we give them. The true source of power is with in you. It is your energy that becomes the fuel for any amount of money to be gathered. It is your appreciation of everything sold that runs the market.

You have more control over your life than money because you are the power behind money. You are life. You are the space that allows money to exist. Appreciate life and your life is rich.

Read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


bometernally said...

Thank you for your insight. It is so uplifting and TRUE. Thank you for your wealth of inspiration...I know we all have it. We just have to become aware of it Now

C. Om said...

Your absolutely right! We all have IT and awareness is the key. Thank you for your insightful comment Bhadra.

Brenda said...

Right on! I have heard it said, "Money is the exchange medium for energy, or money equals (is) energy." I think I read it in Shakti Gawaine, Deepok Chopra says it. We exchange energy or work for energy money, then trade money for goods or services. So not only is the money devalued as they play with the Prime number game, they also devalue our work/energy our goods and services/ energy and our values/energy if we buy into their power game. I think it's all maonopoly anyway. I saw another great one about FRB and inflation... on restor th r'publik or Radeeo PHreedom.

C. Om said...

I appreciate your comment Brenda. I'm glad you can see what I'm saying. It's all a matter of awareness. We still hold the power. It just needs to be redirected.

moose241 said...

I interpreted the book so far, as as an insight on life's energy and how to direct it to success of the psycho-well being. VERY ACTIVATING perspective.

C. Om said...

Thanks you for your interest and your comment Moose241. Indeed this perspective does activate a whole unseen part of life.