Where're You At?

Where are you? Where're you at? Think about it. What would be your answer right now? Your attention to the question creates a shift in your awareness. You go from where ever you were focused before, to your immediate surroundings.

Here's an excerpt from What Is Really Good? on the topic:

Have you taken notice of the power of your focus? Simply shift your attention from the words you are reading right now to something else in your surroundings. Notice that your view can be as wide as the surroundings you are facing, encompassing a lot of things at once. You can also choose to focus on one individual thing in your surroundings. When you focus on that one thing, as opposed to the wider view, everything else becomes part of your peripheral vision. The way you can zoom in and out with your focus not only goes with your vision, but every sense you have and the perception of your thoughts as well.

You may have heard, "Energy flows where attention goes." The energy that flows where your attention goes is the energy of your focus. You are where you focus yourself. Whether your focus is external (your current surroundings and situation) or internal (your thought processes and physical inner body); you are there. Whether or not it is your mind’s eye or your external perception, you are there. Where else would you say you were other than where your attention and focus is? You could not truthfully say you are exclusively inhabiting your physical body unless your body is where your attention is focused.

To better illustrate this, think about your experience when watching a really good movie or TV show. Think about your experience when engulfed in a good book or watching an entertaining stage show or concert. Your attention is completely focused on the entertainment. You are there. The thought of you observing the entertainment is pretty much non existent unless you bring your awareness to it.

This goes for thoughts and emotions too. When you are constantly thinking about something or feeling a certain way, you are there with it, giving it the energy of your attention; the power of your focus.

To learn more about the power of your focus stay tuned to yourself. Stay tuned to this blog. And read What Is Really Good?

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