You're the BEST!

There is some part of you that this statement resonates with. There is a part of you that already knows this to be true. There is nothing egoic or boastful about this knowing. It is simply knowing a fact. It is a feeling. You're the best!

Ever wonder why or how we can have this unexplainable feeling despite all the billions of people in the world? Regardless of our size, abilities, or position in life; there is a part of you that can glimpse that feeling of resonance of being the best; of being special.

Everyone is special. To some, it sounds cliché. It sounds politically correct or idealistic. "How can everyone be special? If everyone was special; they wouldn't be considered special because it would be the norm." Or, "If everyone is special; why do some people have more than others? Why do some people do more than others?"

The true reason for this feeling or intuitive knowledge of being special has much less to do with what you have, what you do, or who you think you are. It has much more to do with the consciousness that perceives those things. It is your consciousness that allows those things to exist for you.

We probably hear that we are special more when we are children than any other time during life. At one time or another, most people, easily thought of themselves as the center of the universe. This was not a conscious thought. It was more of a perspective of reality. As children this concept is easy to assume as you are catered to, nurtured, and encouraged. The unlimited potential of children is acknowledged by parents, guardians, and teachers alike, as they tell the children that they can be anything that they would like to be when they grow up.

The concept of being the best is being acknowledged in most children even if unconsciously. It is that space of infinite possibilities, which is the true essence of our consciousness, that is being acknowledged.

As adults, at times it maybe harder to see. But it is still there, never-the-less. As long as you are breathing and conscious; you are the best. Even after you are not physically here; you will continue to be the best.

The best is the higher power within in you. It can never leave you because it is what remains when all else is taken away. It is you.

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You're the BEST!


Walt said...

It is a motto of mine to be flexible, not hard. Anything hard can be snapped in half if hit in the right place with the right amount of force. Water, for example is flexible, and can never be broken.

Walt said...

Sorry, my last comment applies to "Every set back is a set up for a comeback".

One of the unfortunate byproducts of playing the "adult" role is that you are supposed to "face reality" that you "ain't special". I heard this a lot growing up. It makes many never ever want to grow up. It makes celebrity worship that much easier. The truth is we are all celebrities!

C. Om said...

Exactly! It is the reason a character like Peter Pan was thought of. In the traditional sense, "growing up" meant losing all kinds of possibilites. It is up to us, indidvidually, to see that our unqiueness and special outlook on the world still makes us the best. Celebrities indeed!