The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ever wonder if it is a coincidence that the word to describe the moment happening right now is called 'the present'? You know; the present as in a gift. I'm sure (as you probably are too) that out of all the sounds that can be made to coin a word; there would have been a different one chosen to describe the here and now if there was no connection to something precious given to you. Being aware of the present is definitely a gift.

The present is the gift that keeps on giving. It is always on. The tape is always rolling. It is simply forgotten most of the time because of where our attention is placed. When you are at the right vantage point, you are able to see and feel the power of the present moment perspective.

Lots of people take the present for granted. They are looking forward to a future pleasure or reminiscing about a past one. Many are also dreading future pains and or regretting past ones. Any and all sense pleasure you have experienced is so fleeting and temporary, that after you have experienced it, you can easily forget them. They become like a dream you are trying to remember. This goes for pain as well. People often bury painful memories.

The one thing that you can enjoy on a continuous basis is the joy of your presence. Unlike trying to remember a past pleasure; you can get every single benefit of the joy within by remembering that it is there. When you are remembering pleasure, you are in the past, which is only an idea. When you remember the peace within, you are in the present and the rewards are incomparable to a memory. You know it now. You experience it now.

You remember the past. You re-experience your presence. For the present to even be seen as a gift, definitely requires a reduction or elimination of egoic thought. Acceptance of the present moment is the key to unwrapping the gift that it is.

For more detailed ways on how to accept this gift, read What Is Really Good? and stay tuned!


B3autifulsoul-n-mind said...

Wow that's crazy I never thought of that.Something so simple that the present is in fact a present ...a gift.While the past is gone and can never be relived and the future hasn't come, the present is here.The possibilities you have while living in the "present" are endless.If you live in the "present" and are aware of it you would realize how much of a gift it really is.And as a result of living in the present you will become appreciative of life and it's many blessings (big and small) :-)

C. Om said...

Precisely! It is truly great to watch a person become more self aware. Thank you B3autiful. :-)